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Where to Get Amazing Bee Control Near Me | Houston, TX

You can find bee control near me Houston, TX with Bee Man Dan. We are a business that specializes in bee hive removal and wasp nest removal. You can also receive beekeeping lessons from us. Shop our store if you are interested in bee products.

bee control near me Houston, TX

Trust Bee Man Dan to assist with bee control near me Houston, TX.

Get Bee Control Near Me Houston, TX

Bee Man Dan is one of the foremost bee control near me Houston, TX businesses. We can help you safely and ethically remove bees from a building or structure. Whether the building is residential or commercial, the technicians with Bee Man Dan can take care of it.

Our business is veteran owned. We can remove any bee hive. While we are aware of the danger a hive of bees can pose to your home and family, it is also important to preserve the health and safety of bees for the sake of the environment.

The bees we remove are treated ethically without the use of dangerous chemicals. All of our bees are relocated to a bee apiary where they can thrive. We make sure to take away all evidence of the hive (including the comb) so that the bees won’t return and repopulate.

Bee Man Dan can also help you get rid of wasp nests or infestations. We can safely eradicate the wasps and any remnants of the nest. No dangerous chemicals or harmful pesticides will be used in this process. Bee Man Dan is a company that is chiefly concerned with preserving the environment.

How We Remove Bees From a Building or Structure

Bees must be physically removed from the place where they’ve taken up residence in order to resolve the infestation. Keeping the bees alive is also the best method and outcome. Taking the bees alive helps prevent them from relocating on your property. It also helps the environment which bees are a necessary part of.

Removing bees and keeping them alive is also good for safety reasons. The process is as gentle as possible in order to keep the bees calm. That makes the removal process safer for you, us, and your neighbors. Our bee removal technicians can accomplish a lot in a single visit.

We use an advanced thermal imaging device to help complete a full Hive Evaluations Service inspection. The thermal imaging device, also known as a FLIR, helps us figure out the exact position and orientation the hive is in. The homeowner will be kept informed at every step in the process.

Your permission will be sought before we go in to remove the hive. It is usually necessary to cut a hole in the building or structure in order to breach the hive. If it has to be accessed from inside the building, we cut a piece out of the sheetrock of the wall.

bee control near me Houston, TX

Bee Man Dan is an experienced bee and wasp removal service provider.

If the hive has to be reached from outdoors, we remove a section from the outside of the structure. Our technician will keep the removed pieces as whole as possible in order to keep the costs of repair low. Unfortunately, repair costs are not included in our bee removal estimate.

Once the hive is exposed, we use ethical and humane methods to remove and relocate the bees. After we take the bees off your property, they will live happy lives at a bee apiary where they can thrive. The hole that was cut to get to the hive will be given a temporary covering made of plastic or aluminum.

The aluminum screening will be placed if the access hole was cut inside the building. This will prevent more bugs or animals from getting in. The placing sheet is used for outdoor access holes. They prevent the exposed area from getting weather damage.

Our Wasp Nest Removal Process

We can remove wasps that have taken up residence in chimneys or bathroom exhaust vents. Our process involves applying organic food grade diatomaceous earth with positive reinforced air. This method allows the created solution to reach all cracks, gaps, and crevices within the structure.

Bee Man Dan is one of the most effective and safe businesses to perform wasp nest removal. We handle removal in both commercial and residential spaces. Our rates fluctuate depending on the season. The time we arrive will be within two hours of the appointment time you schedule.

Frequently Asked Question

Many of our potential clients and customers have questions about our business and the bee removal process. Removing bees alive is the best solution for your health and safety as well as the environment. By completely removing every bee, we lower your chances of a returning infestation.

Bee Man Dan removes all of the hive and honeycomb in order to deter bees from taking up residence in an old hive. Bees are a very important part of the environment and ecosystem. These insects pollinate flowers, plants, and trees. Without bees, all of these plants would die.

bee control near me Houston, TX

Let Bee Man Dan help you with bee control near me Houston, TX. Contact us today!

Pollination allows plants to reproduce, flower, and grow food. Extermination attempts often use dangerous chemicals and harmful pesticides to get the job done. Bee Man Dan avoids that toxicity. Exterminators also don’t usually remove the hive, and this can increase the chances of re-infestation.

Even if they do find and remove the hive, exterminators often destroy the hive and honeycomb. That is also a harmful practice because that is a valuable resource in the environment. Bee Man Dan is a business that serves Katy and the Greater Houston area.

Trust that bee removal services are arguably inexpensive. It isn’t necessary to be covered by insurance and is most likely cheaper than your insurance deductible. With the fate of bee extinction at stake, contact Bee Man Dan for an ethical and safe bee removal service.

Bee Man Dan can provide fantastic bee control near me Houston, TX; call us today!

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  • Houston had a burgeoning port and railroad industry in the 20th century.
  • The Houston Theater District has nine major performing arts organizations and six performance halls.
  • The Houston Astros were formed in 1962.
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