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Although they fly and also have stingers like bees, your local wasps are probably not going to be friendly neighbors. Having them in or around your home can be dangerous for you and your family. After all, you don’t want to find out if you, your family, or a guest is allergic to wasp stings the hard way. Prevent that from happening by calling on a wasp exterminator near me.

There are generally two types of wasps: solitary wasps and social wasps. Although swatting away a solitary wasp might give you a singular sting in return, angering a social wasp could give you an encounter of a lifetime. Social wasps like to travel with a posse, and like in the Mean Girls movie, when you mess with one, you mess with all of them. Not to mention, they’re highly territorial, so leaving a wasp infestation or nest in or around your home or building is dangerous.

That’s where Wasp Nest Removal Services comes in. Our wasp removal services can help you prevent any incidents with these unwelcome buzzing neighbors of yours. Unlike other wasp infestation or wasp nest removal services, our company avoids using chemicals or pesticides when removing the wasps from the infrastructure, making our services environmentally safer. With our unique techniques and equipment, we’ll safely and effectively remove any and all wasps and their homes from your home or business.

Wasp nest removal near me doesn’t end with taking out the nest and leaving. One, that’s asking for an angry swarm of wasps to follow you. Two, the remaining wasps can simply rebuild in the same location. That’s why we’ll safely remove the hive and sterilize any remaining pheromones to prevent them from rebuilding or coming back. We can also treat any common nesting grounds to prevent another swarm of wasps from inhabiting your home or building in the future.

So, how can you tell if you have a wasp infestation? There are four simple signs:

1. Wasp Sightings – If you’re frequently seeing wasps flying around when there weren’t before, some wasps might’ve made their home nearby or within the walls of your building. Wasps are greatly attracted to rotten wood and chimneys.
2. Wasp Nest – Seeing is believing. If you see a nest forming, you have an active infestation on your hands. Paper wasps tend to build their homes under the eaves of your home or in trees. However, other species, such as yellow jackets, build theirs underground, so be careful when you’re poking around.
3. Wood Damage – Some types of wasps and hornets use wood to build their nests. So, if you see some small holes in your trees, fences, firewood, or the exterior of your home, some uninvited guests may be building on your property. If they’ve made their way within your walls, you might hear faint tapping as well.
4. Buzzing Noise – If anything, wasps will give away their presence via buzzing. The more wasps there are, the louder the buzzing noise. Chances are, you’ll hear them before you see them.

Keeping your home or business free of wasps can prevent complications. They won’t attack unless they’re provoked, but when they attack, you want to run to shelter ASAP. As we all know, wasps are notorious for their dangerous sting. And, unlike bees, they can sting multiple times. Regardless of whether you’re allergic or not, multiple wasp stings in a short amount of time can be lethal.

If you think you have a wasp problem on your hand or if you’re haunted by some internal (infernal) buzzing, call Wasp Nest Removal Services today. Our company will send an expert to stop by and remove those wasps from your home or business. Contact our company today or use our online booking services to schedule an appointment with Wasp Nest Removal Services now.

Schedule Your Wasp Hive Removal Appointment Today

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