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Keep your home or business safe from bees and wasps with bee hive removal near me The Woodlands, TX from Wasp Nest Removal Services, also referred to as the Bee Man Dan. He has years of experience removing and relocating bees safely from all kinds of places such as eaves of roofs, inside walls, and even in attics.

If you encounter a bee infestation, the best thing for you to do is keep yourself and others in the area safe and call the professional. The Bee Man Dan covers many areas in and around the Houston area. You can also be sure that you are hiring a true professional. Give Wasp Nest Removal Services a call to get help from the Bee Man Dan for your bee hive removal near me The Woodlands, TX.

bee hive removal near me The Woodlands, TX

Bee Man Dan is the best at bee hive removal near me The Woodlands, TX.

Bee Hive Removal Near Me The Woodlands, TX

If you are experiencing a bee infestation, it is important you call a professional as quickly as possible. While bees are not typically aggressive in the same manner as wasps are, they can still get protective over their territory and their queen.

Bees generally do not want to sting you as it will bring them to their ultimate demise, but this doesn’t mean they won’t. Typically bees will not sting unless provoked or someone is getting too close to their nest.

Therefore, in order to avoid angering hundreds or possibly thousands of bees, it is best to stay away from the nest altogether. Trying to remove the nest yourself may prove to be disastrous for several reasons. One, you may not be able to see the entire nest from where you are. What looks like a small next could be a massive nest inside a wall, roof, or the hollow of a tree.

Second, we want to avoid killing the bees. At Wasp Nest Removal Services, we aim to relocate bees rather than exterminate them. It may be many people’s first instinct to kill the bees, especially those who may be allergic to them. The Bee Man Dan completely understands that those will bee allergies could be facing health risks if the bees are not taken care of immediately. However, that is why he encourages people to stay away from the infestation can contact him as soon as possible.

bee hive removal near me The Woodlands, TX

Nests can be massive with literal thousands of bees. Removing one can be dangerous for the average person.

The Bee Removal Process

As mentioned previously, the Bee Man Dan wants to relocate the bees rather than exterminate them. However, it is not as simple as picking up the nest and taking it somewhere else for obvious reasons. To avoid dozens of stings, the Bee Man Dan will use a calming agent that will help calm the bees down.

This often comes in a smoke or fog-like substance that is sprayed all around the nest itself. This calming agent will mask their “alarm pheromone,” which will allow for the safe removal of the nest.

Professionals such as the Bee Man Dan will also have protective gear on to ensure they remain safe from any attacks from relentless bee stings. Then little by little, they will remove the nest.

If they can find the queen, they can move the queen into the new hive, and many of the bees will start following all on their own. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the queen buried under hundreds or thousands of bees.

How to Tell if You Have an Infestation

In cartoons, we often see bees nesting in hives hanging from tree branches or in the hollow of a tree filled with honey. In reality, bees can be found just about anywhere that will protect their hive and their queen. A lot of the time, they are in less desirable places such as attics, walls, eaves of your roof, and many other places. Sometimes you can have a hive forming in your area and not even be aware of it.

While bee hives can be difficult to spot at first glance, there are usually some signs that let you know you may have an infestation. The first thing you will want to notice is whether you see several bees all buzzing around in one area. There could be several reasons why there are bees buzzing in a particular area.

There could be food left out. You might also have a bunch of flowers or other plants they are busy pollinating. You might also have some stagnant water sitting about. However, you could also have a nest close by in the area.

Another place you might find a bees nest is in rooting wooden structures. Some bees will use these structures to help make the nests. Certain types of bees, such as wood or pith nesters, will chew through the wood with their mandibles to create their nest. This can be detrimental to someone’s home or office. In this case, the Bee Man Dan has authorized vendors to help with certain repairs such as Dehart Roofing and Home Repair.

If you see bees flying or crawling in cracks or crevices of walls, windows, and rooftops, there is a good chance you have a nest hidden somewhere.

Lastly, simply seeing a large number of bees in one area is a good sign that you may have a nest nearby. It is best to stay away and call Wasp Nest Removal Services immediately. There might be a chance that there is no nest, but it is always best to stay safe and have a professional check it out, especially if you or someone in the area is allergic to bee stings.

Why Choose Wasp Nest Removal Services

For over ten years, the Been Man Dan has helped dozens of Texas residents remove bees and wasps hives from their homes, offices, and other structures. He understands that many people have health issues when it comes to bee stings and will work quickly and safely to keep everyone involved safe.

Bee Man Dan also knows how important bees are to the environment. That’s why he works hard to ensure the full safety of the bees as well as to relocate them to a better area where they can flourish and remain a staple in our ecosystem.

Give the Bee Man Dan a call or schedule an appointment for a bee hive removal near me The Woodlands, TX.

bee hive removal near me The Woodlands, TX

Wasp Nest Removal Services is a proud veteran-owned business.

Fun Facts for The Woodlands, TX

  • Along Interstate 45, The Woodlands is situated 28 miles north of Houston.
  • After attending a Rouse Company subsidiary American City Corporation symposium on developing HUD-financed Title VII towns like Columbia, Maryland, oil industry investor George P. Mitchell conceived The Woodlands.
  • George P. Mitchell dedicated it in 1974, and The Woodlands Corporation manages it for Mitchell Energy & Development.
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