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We Offer Professional Bee Removal Near Me | Houston, TX

Few companies offer bee removal near me Houston, TX, which is one of the many reasons why you should consider hiring Bee Man Dan. If a hoard of buzzing bees has invaded your home or property, don’t panic. Bee Man Dan’s got your back. He’s not afraid to face a hoard of angry flying insects if it means keeping both your family and the bees safe.

Your first instinct may be to contact an exterminator, but we’d like you to reconsider. Bee Man Dan can visit the location of your infestation and properly assess the situation. Instead of stumbling around blindly searching for a hive and getting yourself stung, Bee Man Dan can find the source of the infestation and safely remove it. He will then relocate the bees so that they can continue pollinating, and your family can enjoy their newly bee-free home.

Call today to learn more about Bee Man Dan and Wasp Nest Removal Services. He’ll have the bees out of your hair (hopefully not literally) in a flash. He also offers wasp removal services for those with more dangerous infestations.

Removal services aren’t his only specialty. If you’re a fellow bee enthusiast or just curious about nature, consider scheduling private beekeeping lessons with him. He can teach you everything there is to know about a hive and its colony. You won’t find a friendlier bee expert in the Greater Houston area!

bee removal near me Houston, TX

Seeing the occasional bee isn’t an issue, but finding large numbers may indicate an infestation.

What Attracts Bees?

Seeing a single bee isn’t really a cause for concern. Anyone with a garden is probably no stranger to regular bee visits. Most people tend to associate them with warmer months and aren’t surprised to see them hanging around during spring and summer.

Many household objects can attract bees, too, so it’s not uncommon to see at least one floating in or around your home at some point. Having honey, pollen, or wax in your home is an obvious draw, but they also like food scraps. Like mosquitoes, they sometimes gravitate toward dirty, stagnant water.

Don’t be shocked if a bee slips into your home through a crack, open window, or door. However, if you see a lot of bees, it might be time to investigate the situation properly.

Signs of an Infestation

If you think that there is a substantial amount of bees on your property, look for these signs to check for an infestation:

  • Bees flying near eaves or other hanging structures on your home
  • Large sections of rotten wood, which are attractive to honeybees for making nests
  • Multiple bees flying around outside of your home
  • Beehives or honeycombs on the property
  • Bees crawling through wall cracks or other small openings in your home

Bee infestations should not be taken lightly, especially if you or your family are allergic to their stings. Call an expert like Bee Man Dan right away for bee removal near me Houston, TX.

bee removal near me Houston, TX

A trained professional can safely perform bee removal near me Houston, TX.

Skip Over Exterminator Services

If you learn that you have a bee problem, you might be tempted to hire an exterminator for the job. After all, bees can be pests, especially if their homes take up a large part of your property or make an area unusable due to their sheer numbers. You don’t want to lose access to sites like sheds or patios, and you certainly don’t want them buzzing around your breakfast table, either!

Unfortunately, many services don’t want to deal with bees or wasps and will refuse such a request. Finding an exterminator that performs bee removal near me Houston, TX is enough of a challenge, but there’s more than one reason why you should reconsider this option.

For example, many chemicals that exterminators use for insect removal are harmful to not only bugs but humans as well. The substances they use to kill insects can cause several health issues, such as respiratory problems and skin irritation. Not only can the chemicals damage your health, but they can make your pets sick, too.

Environmental Damage

This doesn’t even cover the environmental effects that chemicals have. Killing bees instead of simply relocating them removes large populations of pollinators. Without proper pollination, important plants like crops won’t be able to grow as well.

One-third of the world’s food supply depends on bees to perform their natural jobs. Entire colonies can collapse due to harmful pesticides, which will further devastate ecosystems.

Bees aren’t the only creatures hurt by pesticides, either – the chemicals can seep into soil and water, spreading to fish, birds, and other beneficial insects. Even humans can become sick if they ingest too much of these substances, which often coat fruits and vegetables sold in stores.

Finally, if money is a concern for you, be aware that hiring an exterminator is typically not a cheap endeavor. They can charge hefty fees for their services, and the effects of their work are only temporary. Bees can return to their previous home in as little as a week, meaning you’ll have to call the exterminator out again for more work.

bee removal near me Houston, TX

Bees are good for more than just honey. Bee Man Dan can educate you about these buzzing buddies!

Contact Bee Man Dan for Help Today!

Bee Man Dan has been learning about bees since a fateful encounter with a colony in 2010. After a friend showed him how to remove a hive safely, he became enraptured with everything about bees. His passion for bees has spurred him to educate others about their importance in nature and how their work affects human life.

When you hire Bee Man Dan for his bee removal near me Houston, TX, he will safely remove the bees from your home without killing them. You won’t have to deal with them, and the world doesn’t have to lose any more of its natural pollinators.

Save your money and the planet by hiring Bee Man Dan for safe bee removal near me Houston, TX. He can safely relocate the bees to a new home where they can thrive, and you can enjoy your home and outdoor spaces again without worrying about getting stung.

Contact Bee Man Dan right away for his bee removal near me Houston, TX.

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  • The city’s baseball team, the Houston Astros, won the World Series in 2022.
  • Their football team is called the Houston Texans.

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