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Get Humane Bees Removal at Affordable Costs | Houston, TX

If you need wasp or bees removal Houston, TX services, look no further than Bee Man Dan. We have been serving Texan clients for over ten years and have been doing so at very reasonable prices. Our company will take the time to understand your situation, come to your location, and get the removal job done quicker than you expect.

Bee Man Dan is staffed with professional beekeepers who know precisely what to do when removing pesky bees and wasps. These insects can be removed in various ways, and Bee Man Dan is well-versed in all of them. When you employ the services of this company, the removal will be done efficiently and correctly the first time.

Our company does not follow in the footsteps of exterminators because we realize how vital bees and wasps are to the environment. With our services, you can trust that the insects we remove will not be harmed but will be relocated to a safer area.

If you are dealing with bee or wasp infestations, don’t hesitate to contact Bee Man Dan. Our service area is throughout the Greater Houston area. Bee Man Dan provides bees removal Houston, TX services for residential areas as well as commercial buildings.

We are one of the fastest bee and wasp removal services around, with years of experience. You can either reach out to us via telephone or schedule removal services online.

Bees Removal Houston, TX

bees removal Houston, TX

Call Bee Man Dan if you need bees removal Houston, TX.

Those residing in areas known for bee infestations should call beehive removal professionals when they see signs of bees. Bee Man Dan is one of the best companies to contact for bees removal Houston, TX. Once you call us for beehive removal, we will dispatch an expert to your location who will assess your situation and provide you with a quote.

Whether you go through with receiving our services or not, the expert will always arrive with all the equipment to remove the bees efficiently and humanely.

Signs of Bees

Bees are drawn to things around homes, such as wax, food scraps, honey, pollen, and propolis. There are also instances where bees are drawn to stagnant water. Bees will do anything to access these things by entering through windows, doors, and wall cracks.

There are signs to look out for to determine whether you have a bee issue or not, and they are as follows:

  • Look out for signs of bees flying around the eaves overhanging your property.
  • Check for bees in the surrounding area if you have rotting wood structures. They love to make homes in these structures.
  • Look for bees flying around your doors and windows. They may be trying to get inside your home.
  • If honeycombs or beehives are on your property, you definitely have bees.
  • Bees crawling through cracks in your home or other types of openings is surefire proof that you have a bee infestation on your hands.

Contact Bee Man Dan for bees removal Houston, TX if you see a large number of bees on your property, and let us rectify the issue immediately.

Wasp Hive Removal

While bees are often friendly guests who aren’t looking to cause harm, wasps can be another story. Wasp infestations can be dangerous and should be dealt with by professionals. There are two main types of wasps: solitary and social. Both types will attack when swatted, but the attack of a social wasp is like no other!

Social wasps travel in packs, so if you anger one, you anger them all. These types of wasps are territorial and will fight to protect their homes at all costs. It’s not a fun experience to suddenly be stung by multiple wasps at once, and it can be life-threatening if you are allergic. This is why you should contact a wasp removal expert when you see signs of wasps.

When it comes to removing wasps, you cannot simply take away the nest and consider the problem solved. Removing a wasp or hornet nest and leaving it at that will result in an angry swarm seeking vengeance. They will also simply rebuild their nest if not adequately removed.

bees removal Houston, TX

Wasps are very dangerous pests that a professional should remove.

Bee Man Dan ensures that the hive will be removed safely and will also sterilize the area. When we clear away all the wasp pheromones that surround the nest, it prevents the wasps from rebuilding or returning. Our wasp removal services also include treating areas where wasps would likely build a nest.

Signs of Wasps

There are four easy ways to determine if you have a wasp infestation. The four signs are as follows:

  • The most obvious way to determine you have a wasp infestation on your hands is through wasp sightings. If you see wasps more frequently than you used to, they have likely erected a home nearby.
  • Wasp nests definitely mean you have wasps and are in danger. Wasps make their nests in trees or under the eaves of homes. There is also a type of wasp called a Yellow Jacket that builds its nest underground.
  • Wasps and hornets love to build their homes with wood, so if you spot wood damage around your home, you likely have a wasp infestation.
  • Sound is an excellent way to determine if you have a wasp problem. The more wasps you have in your area, the louder the buzzing will be. Additionally, if you hear faint tapping within your walls after observing wood damage, wasps may have made it into your walls.

Don’t Call an Exterminator!

If you’re dealing with a wasp bee issue, you might think the best course of action is to call an exterminator. We strictly advise against calling an exterminator because their methods are inhumane and dangerous for the environment.

Exterminators use harmful chemicals and pesticides when they remove bees and wasps, which can cause health issues for those living in the area. The chemicals exterminators use can bring about respiratory issues and skin irritations while also causing harm to nature.

bees removal Houston, TX

Don’t call an exterminator! Call Bee Man Dan!

Another reason to avoid calling an exterminator for wasp and bees removal Houston, TX is that their services reap temporary results. Bees and wasps that they get rid of will replenish after a week or two, and then you will have to employ their services again.

Call Bee Man Dan to have wasp and bees removal Houston, TX service done right the first time.

Fun Facts about Houston, Texas:

  • Houston is named after Sam Houston.
  • There are over 150 museums in Houston.
  • From 1837 to 1839, Houston was Texas’ capital.
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