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Quick & Easy Removal of Wasp Nests | The Woodlands, TX

The removal of wasp nests The Woodlands, TX, is not something anyone can do. Wasps are much more dangerous and more predatory than bees; you don’t want want to learn you or your loved one are allergic to wasp stings the hard way.

Fortunately, Wasp Nest Removal Services is here to help. Our wasp removal services are safe, efficient, and far more affordable than services provided by other pest control companies. We handle bees and wasps, safely removing their nests and hives and relocating them to a more congenial place for them.

removal of wasp nests The Woodlands, TX

Bee Man Dan has experience taming unruly bees and wasps. When it comes to the removal of wasp nests, Bee Man Dan’s methods are unsurpassed.

Our methods are environmentally-friendly, avoiding chemically-laden pesticides and chemicals. These pesticides not only can decimate important and endangered insect populations, but they can also harm humans as well, leading to a tremendous health hazard you’ll want to avoid.

So when it comes to the removal of wasp nests, The Woodlands, TX, and other wasp control services, Bee Man Dan is for you. Our team will ensure that you will enjoy a wasp-free home or business once more. Moreover, we will ensure the wasps are protected from harm in their new home.

So if you suspect that your home has a wasp infestation, call our team and schedule an appointment today. You may also visit us at our office location in Katy; we serve communities all over the Greater Houston area, including The Woodlands.

We Can Handle the Removal of Wasp Nests The Woodlands, TX, For You

Although wasps can be dangerous, they still perform an important role for the environment. Wasps prey on insects that eat food crops, making them a means of natural biocontrol. Without their presence, these insects will eat and decimate plants and food crops, affecting the global food supply.

Thus, it is crucial that wasps be left alone to do their job, which often means the removal of wasp nests where they don’t belong. Wasps can nest in your walls, floors, and even chimneys, as well as home eaves and rotten wood.

There are two categories of wasps: Social wasps and solitary wasps. Social wasps are by far more predatory than solitary wasps, though their stings are usually not as dangerous. They travel in swarms and are often aggressive, attacking any perceived threat. Examples of these wasps include yellow jackets, hornets, and paper wasps.

Solitary wasps, on the other hand, build individual nests and are content to sting once instead of multiple times like social wasps. They build nests in the ground, wood, and plant stems. Some examples include spider wasps, which feed on spiders, and potter or mason wasps, also known as mud daubers, for their mud nests.

The Bee Man Dan team is ready and eager to protect your home against the threats of wasps. In addition, we also offer bee removal services in case you have a bee hive in your property. So call our team today to schedule a consultation!

removal of wasp nests The Woodlands, TX

Let a professional handle the situation to keep you safe.

How You Know, You’ve Got A Wasp Infestation

Both social and solitary wasps can prove trouble if you encounter one of their hives, either aboveground or underground, like yellow jackets. But how do you know your home is indeed infested with wasps?

Well, seeing is believing, so if you find more than one wasp around your property, chances are there is a hive nearby. You may even find the hive or nest; if so, then make sure to keep a healthy distance from it. Don’t shake it or do anything to disturb the wasps, for they will chase you with the intent to sting – and it won’t be pretty.

Other, more subtle signs you may have a wasp infestation on your hands is if you spy any wood damage. Holes in fences, trees, firewood, and other areas are a sure sign that you may have wasps nesting. Wasps are especially attracted to rotten wood, so if you hear a tapping sound in some of your wood, that is an indicator that wasps are around.

Fortunately, wasps won’t attack unless they are provoked. Once they are provoked, however, it can be extremely dangerous, as they attack with a swarm. If you are attacked, don’t stand still, but run to the nearest shelter, protecting your face.

Make sure the wasps can’t get into the shelter and call a professional wasp removal service to handle the threat. If there are bodies of water nearby, refrain from trying to escape from the swarm through those means. The wasps will only hover over the water, waiting for you to emerge. Bee Man Dan is the professional wasp removal team to help you out, so be sure to call today!

removal of wasp nests The Woodlands, TX

Contact the experts to rid you and your family of our removal of wasp nests The Woodlands, TX, today!

Our Team Is Committed To Your Safety

The removal of wasp nests can be tricky and even dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it is recommended you hire professionals to take care of your wasp nest for you. We can ensure your property is wasp-free once more with our environmentally friendly and safe wasp removal services.

If you have indeed encountered a wasp nest in your property, it can be tempting to call wasp exterminators. However, wasp exterminators are not only more expensive but ineffective. The wasps tend to return, sometimes in as little under a week, so it is no real permanent solution.

By contrast, our methods eschew pesticides or insecticides of any kind. We not only remove the wasp nest, but we also ensure we sterilize the area of any remaining pheromones. These pheromones are emitted by wasps both to attract mates and alert the colony of outside threats and dangers.

So don’t hesitate to call Bee Man Dan today for help. When it comes to the removal of wasp nests The Woodlands, TX, you can be sure that Wasp Nest Removal Services is on the job.

Fun Facts About The Woodlands, TX:

  • It formally opened in October 1974.
  • The Woodlands has nine villages.
  • It is primarily located in Montgomery County, TX.
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