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We Provide Fully Effective Wasp Extermination | Houston, TX

wasp extermination Houston, TX

Don’t let amateurs attempt wasp extermination Houston, TX. Let a professional handle the situation to keep you safe.

Finding a reliable wasp extermination Houston, TX service doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be a bit more particular during your search. For example, it would help if you sought a service provider with a proven track record of outstanding results. Choosing a person that has extensively studied insects is another reasonable consideration.

Most of all, the exterminator should be adamant about protecting your family and home above all else. That’s why you should choose Bee Man Dan from Wasp Nest Removal Services for your wasp extermination Houston, TX. His abundant knowledge of bees and wasps makes him an excellent candidate. However, his best attribute, arguably, is his dedication to ensuring the safety of his clients.

Bee Man Dan works to provide the best wasp extermination services at affordable prices. Above all, he wants to bring you safe solutions to your pest control problems. There’s no sense in fighting off harmful bugs if you’re just going to bring another dangerous element into your home.

That’s why Bee Man Dan doesn’t use pesticides or dangerous chemicals in his work. He believes in solutions that benefit the client, protecting as much of their property as he can at the same time. Consider contacting his Houston office today to learn more about his work.

Pesticide-Free Wasp Extermination Houston, TX

Bee Man Dan proudly provides wasp extermination Houston, TX services that don’t require the use of pesticides. He doesn’t support using harmful chemicals to solve the problem and instead relies on removal and extermination methods that are safer for your family.

Common side effects from exposure to pesticides include respiratory issues and skin irritation. However, the problems don’t stop there. Did you know that many common pesticides have ingredients that can cause kidney damage if you’re subjected to overexposure?

Some studies have even found neurological damage in patients from a buildup of pesticide toxins. Not only do they potentially harm the humans in your home, but they can also have devastating effects on pets. It’s much better to avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals when treating a wasp infestation.

In addition to health concerns, pesticides aren’t even a practical solution because they require multiple applications and have very temporary effects. Repeatedly inviting a pest control service to your home for another round of spraying won’t do any good in the long run.

wasp extermination Houston, TX

Wasps aren’t exactly the friendliest insects. Their aggressive behavior often makes them a nuisance.

Home Solutions

If you cannot contact a professional wasp extermination Houston, TX service in the near future, you can take a few steps to deter more wasps from inhabiting your property. These solutions don’t require using pesticides or harmful chemicals in your home.

For example, you can hang fake wasp nests in particular areas, like the eaves of your home or under porches and decks. Artificial nests can easily be created using brown paper bags. Their appearance mimics an actual nest closely enough to dissuade another colony from trying to establish a presence in the same area.

Wash Away Wasps with Soap

Dish soap isn’t just useful for handwashing and cleaning – it’s also a great non-toxic weapon against wasps. It’s a common household item you’re more likely to have lying around than other implements. Soap is also relatively affordable for most people, so it’s an excellent choice for protection.

You may be wondering how something as simple as liquid dish soap can kill a wasp. When soap comes into contact with a wasp, the protective wax coating on its exoskeleton breaks down. The wasp then dehydrates and eventually dies.

You can leave a bowl of dish soap near their nest if you’d rather not actively attack them. Luring them into a mason jar full of sugar water and soap is another way to trap and eliminate them. However, take caution if you try spraying one with soapy water. It may not die as quickly as you expect and instead try to attack you.

Other Tools and Techniques

A traditional flyswatter isn’t a bad choice for getting rid of wasps. However, it relies on two crucial elements: your aim and the wasp traveling alone. Should you miss, you could be in for a terrible time, especially if it happens to be a social wasp, who will then summon its metaphorical cavalry. Obviously, if the wasp has a visible group with it, you’re less likely to attempt this approach.

Fans are another tool you can try for your anti-wasp endeavors. A strong enough fan will blast the wasp away from you, though that doesn’t guarantee it won’t return. If you’re unlucky enough, it may come back with friends.

Natural repellents are a good alternative to traditional pesticide products. You can make your own solution using equal parts vinegar and water. Several types of essential oils are also great repellents, like peppermint, anise, and lavender oil. Mint leaves, thyme, and eucalyptus oil will work, too.

Keep in mind that some essential oils aren’t recommended for use around pets. The undiluted strength of essential oil can harm animals, especially small ones like birds. Before placing them in your home, you should also check to see if you’re allergic to any of the oils. It wouldn’t help you to avoid an allergic reaction from a wasp sting just to react to another allergen instead!

wasp extermination Houston, TX

Bee Man Dan will safely remove wasp nests from your property, no matter how big they are.

When Homemade Fixes Don’t Work, Call Bee Man Dan!

If you’re tired of homemade solutions, why not give Bee Man Dan a call instead? You can schedule an appointment for him to visit your property and investigate your infestation situation. His wasp extermination Houston, TX methods are guaranteed to be safe for your family. He’ll do his best to quickly and efficiently remove all wasps and their nests from your home.

Call today to learn more about his work and schedule your wasp extermination Houston, TX.

Fun Facts for Houston, TX:

  • Houston is located near the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Because of its location, Houston frequently experiences hurricanes.
  • Houston generally maintains a warm, humid climate year-round.

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