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Amazing Bee and Wasp Extermination Services | Sugar Land, TX

Bee Man Dan from Wasp Nest Removal Services understands your need for reliable bee and wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX. Call today to learn more about his safe and efficient wasp removal techniques.

Need Wasp Extermination Sugar Land, TX?

Wasp Nest Removal Services is a seasoned company that provides wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX. Its owner, Bee Man Dan, happily services Houston and the surrounding areas. He saw a need for a proper bee and wasp removal service and has successfully removed thousands of bees and wasps from his clients’ homes. Dan is here to provide the best pest removal services around.

Properly Identifying Wasps

wasp extermination Sugar Land TX

No tree is too tall for Bee Man Dan to conquer.

Wasps are a part of the Hymenoptera and Apocrita suborders and typically have slender, smooth bodies. They have little to no hair, five eyes, and a stinger attached to their back end, and they are aggressive. There are two categories of wasps: social wasps and solitary wasps.

Solitary wasps build nests in the ground, pithy plant stems, and wood. The spider wasp is one type of solitary wasp, and it will build its nest in rotten wood or rock crevices. They feed on other insects or spiders, hence their name. Their color varies with species, and they mostly hunt on the ground.

Other solitary wasps include potter or mason wasps, who will nest in mud that resembles jugs, mud tubes, or pipes. They are mostly black and have little to no hair on their bodies. The spots on their faces are black and yellow. These wasps tend to eat nectar to fuel their bodies. Adult wasps hunt insect larvae to feed their young.

Watch For Nests Around

The most common social wasps are yellowjackets, hornets, and paper wasps. Unfortunately, these species are very aggressive and highly territorial. Their venom can cause a person to develop hives or even stop breathing if they are allergic. If you are a person who is allergic to their venom, get help immediately.

Many social wasps build their nests in trees, on the eaves of roofs, and under decks. Paper wasps get their name from scraping wood off a home and chewing it to a pulp. They take the wood and make umbrella-shaped paper-like nests. Yellowjackets build their nests in a similar fashion, but they wrap an extra layer of protection around the celled units that make up the interior.

If you want to take precautionary steps to avoid wasps, try the following tips:

  • Avoid bright-colored clothing.
  • Do not wear strong-smelling perfume or cologne.
  • Do not bother their nests.
  • Do not swat at any wasps you see. This will only provoke them further.
  • If dining outdoors, cover your food and drink. Wasps have been known to crawl into soda cans.

Identifying Bees

There are several visible differences that bees have compared to wasps. First, their bodies are round and look hairy or fuzzy. Second, they are not aggressive. Third, they collect sweets and other carbohydrates and aren’t insect eaters like wasps. If they land on you without stinging, try not to swat at them. Stay calm and walk away from them.

If you are trying to deter a bee, there are many natural oils you can apply to keep them away. Try lavender oil, olive oil, and citronella oil. Do not use pure essential oils, as these can cause a reaction on your skin if applied directly – always dilute them first. Additionally, you can put some plants in and around your home to deter bees. Like the oil, lavender itself is a great bee deterrent.

wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX

Get Bee Man Dan to perform wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX. Call today!

What to Do If You Find a Hive

Bees and wasps can be quite pesky, and removing them from your home or property is a very delicate process. Fortunately, Dan is the best man for the job. First, he doesn’t use harmful chemicals to extract the wasps. Second, Dan removes traces of pheromones that the flying insects leave lingering. Most importantly, he makes sure that the infestation doesn’t return.

A person should know that any other exterminator might not do this. If the pheromones and nest remains are not removed, the pests will return quickly. Therefore, it would help if you chose the right person for your extermination needs from the get-go.

There are several ways to spot an infestation problem. First, if you see them flying in an area you have never noticed, like your home or porch, that may be an indication that they are nesting nearby. Second, you will see them and hear them buzzing around. Third, you might spot a wasp nest outright hanging around or see the bugs come out of crevices of objects like wood. It’s best to contact a professional like Dan for wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX.

Bee Man Dan’s services are unlike those of most professional exterminators. Specifically, exterminators tend to spray chemicals that can harm the environment and your family. These methods are also usually only temporary and don’t deter pests from returning.

Dan respects the environment and his customers’ homes. He believes in taking care of his clients and protecting the environment. That’s why he takes precautions and uses methods that won’t harm your home, family, or pets. He knows how to properly extract the hive to better preserve the surrounding structure of your home.

Those Wasps Will Be Gone Bee-fore You Know It!

wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX

Bee Man Dan is glad to help anyone facing bees and wasps. Call Dan if you need assistance with wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX.

Who wouldn’t want a veteran on their team to protect them from harm? He will not tear up your property and is clean and courteous. Let Dan help you properly remove those pesky pests that sting.

If you’d like to hire Bee Man Dan, he works from his Houston office and is available seven days a week from 8 am to 4 pm. He will work with your schedule and gladly help you with all your wasp extermination Sugar Land, TX needs.

Fun Facts for Sugar Land, TX:

  • The community provides highly-rated educational facilities.
  • Sugarland was a sugar plantation in the 1800s.
  • Sugarland has a master-planned community.
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