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The Best Wasp Exterminator Near Me | Sugar Land, TX

A wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX can take care of your wasp problem. At Wasp Nest Removal Services, however, Bee Man Dan uses only the safest and most effective methods to take care of your wasp problem. Dan safely removes wasp and bee nests and relocates them from your home or business. That way, he can keep both your domicile safe and the wasps as well.

Wasps nest in walls, floors, and chimneys and are a far more predatory species than bees. Wasps, however, contribute much to the environment, preying on other insects and thus protecting crops. Thus, Bee Man Dan uses only the most environmentally-friendly methods to relocate wasps without harming them or humans in the vicinity.

wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX

Call today to be rid of wasps in your home or office. Bee Man Dan is the wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX you can trust.

Bee Man Dan has many years of experience removing bees and wasp nests, providing pest control services in Sugar Land, TX and the Greater Houston area in general.

No matter what type of pest infestation you have, you can be sure Bee Man Dan has the expertise you need to deal with your wasp infestation. You can be sure that he is a wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX you can trust.

Get An Expert Wasp Exterminator Near Me Sugar Land, TX

Bee Man Dan has the expertise in wasp control and handling you need to ensure your home is wasp and pest-free once more. If you suspect your home has a wasp nest or two around, then make sure to call a professional wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX. Dan can remove the wasp nest and ensure the wasps do not come back to build another nest in your residential or commercial area.

Wasps have slender, smooth bodies with five eyes and a smooth stinger that can pack a lot of punch. In fact, a wasp sting can lead to many health issues down the line, including skin irritation and respiratory problems. Moreover, if you are allergic to wasp stings, you can have a more serious reaction, including:

  • Severe swelling
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sudden drop in blood pressure
  • Stomach cramps
  • And more.

So if you suspect you have a wasp infestation, don’t hesitate to call today.

Types of Wasps

There are many types of wasps but typically wasps are categorized in one of two ways: solitary and social wasps. Solitary wasps build individual nests in the ground, wood, or plant stems. One kind of solitary wasp is the spider wasp, which builds nests in rotten wood or in rock crevices (and, as the name suggests, feeds on spiders). Another kind of solitary wasp, potter or mason wasps, build mud nests, usually shaped like a jug or vase.

Social wasps, on the other hand, travel together in posses, building only one hive. While solitary wasps are content with stinging you only once as a warning, social wasps are highly territorial and can sting you multiple times. Examples of social wasps include yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets, with the largest social wasp being the Asian giant hornet.

Yellow jackets often nest underground, making them difficult to detect. They are often more aggressive than paper wasps, which are named as such because they build paper-like nests attached to tree hollows for their colony and queen to live. Hornets make aboveground communal nests by chewing wood to make a papery pulp. These nests are large and in the shape of a football.

wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX

Bees and wasps can multiply and it can get out of hand fast! A wasp exterminator near me may do the job, but nothing beats Bee Man Dan’s efficient methods.

How To Prevent Wasps From Gathering

If you’re keen on making sure wasps don’t build their nests near your home, here are some good and easy tips on how to protect your home and avoid the attention of wasps altogether.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that your trash cans are sealed, as well as your food and drink. Trash cans are a feasting ground for wasps and they are especially attracted to sweet, sticky food. Moreover, bright colors and perfume attract wasps as well, so avoiding those is recommended.

In addition, you may wish to consider growing certain plants known to repel wasps. These plants include spearmint, thyme, wormwood, lemongrass, penny royal, geraniums, eucalyptus, and more. Not only will these help keep wasps at bay, but they would look absolutely lovely in your garden.

Bee Man Dan can help you ensure your residential area is bee and wasp-free once more, so contact him today and schedule an appointment!

wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX

Bees are good for more than just honey. Bee Man Dan can educate you about these buzzing buddies!

Call Bee Man Dan Today!

While other wasp exterminators use harmful pesticides and insecticides that not only kill the wasps but also cause a health hazard to human populations, Bee Man Dan eschews these methods. Not only are they unethical but they are also ineffective. For one thing, the wasps will merely return, some as soon as one week, back to their previous location and build a new hive there.

This is because it is not enough simply to remove the hive. Wasps emit pheromones that serve to keep them together, alarm others of threats, and help them find a mate. To ensure that wasps won’t be attracted to build a hive in the same place, Bee Man Dan makes sure to sterilize the location of any remaining pheromones.

In addition, he treats any common nesting grounds or areas to prevent future wasp inhabitation. These preventative methods go a long way toward ensuring wasps won’t be bothering your property, which will help you save tons of money.

Dan’s methods are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. So don’t hesitate to call today or drop by his Katy office location. He offers both wasp removal services and bee removal services, so you can be sure your backyard will be insect-free once more. Bee Man Dan is the wasp exterminator near me Sugar Land, TX that cares, so get started today!

Fun Facts About Sugar Land, TX:

  • It was incorporated in 1959.
  • Between 1990 and 2000, its population increased by more than 158%.
  • Sugar Land was once a massive sugar plantation.
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