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Excellent Wasp Nest Removal Services | Katy, TX

wasp nest removal Katy, TX

Bee Man Dan uses safe methods for the environment and for your health. If you are dealing with a wasp infestation, call Bee Man Dan so he can get rid of those wasps for you!

When it comes to wasp nest removal Katy, TX services, there are few companies quite like Wasp Nest Removal Services. Our pest control company provides safe and effective wasp and bee removal services to residential areas, keeping homes all around Katy and the Greater Houston area safe from infestation.

A wasp infestation can be especially dangerous, presenting a health hazards that you will wish to avoid. Fortunately, with Bee Man Dan’s excellent team, you can get the wasp nest removal service you need to keep your home safe.

We use only safe and environmentally-friendly methods to remove wasp and bee nests from your home. Unlike other extermination services, we never use pesticides with harmful chemicals that could poison your home. Our methods are 100% effective and will keep your home safe for good.

So don’t wait until your wasp infestation grows into a wasp conquest. Contact our stellar team today for the wasp nest removal Katy, TX, services you need. You may also visit us at our Katy office location for a consultation. Our team is happy and eager to help!

Get Incredible Wasp Nest Removal Katy, TX Services Today

Wasp nest removal is tricky and dangerous to do if you are not a professional. Some wasps especially can be highly territorial and aggressive, and you try to remove their hive, you can expect a truly vicious response. As wasps can nest in walls, floors, and chimneys, you can find them even within your own home. That can definitely be scary.

That’s why hiring professional wasp removers to deal with the problem is requisite. Bee Man Dan’s stellar team has years of experience with bees and wasps, learning all there is to know about them and how to remove their hives safely. Wasps and bees perform a very important function in our ecosystem, so we are dedicated to their safety as well.

Fortunately, extermination is not needed to remove a wasp or bee nest. Our methods are environmentally-friendly and safe, using no pesticides or anything of that sort. In addition, we offer education on bees and wasps and how to handle an infestation in your domicile. Read on to learn more!

wasp nest removal Katy, TX

Do not wait until it is too late, and call Bee Man Dan so he can take care of your bee infestation.

How To Know If You Have A Wasp Infestation

While some wasps are indeed hard to detect, there are some easy signs your home may have a wasp nest lurking about. If, for example, you see a wasp or several, that is definitely a sign of a nest somewhere. One can be explained away, but several cannot.

Another sign is if you are suffering from wood damage. Mysterious holes in your trees, fences, firewood, home exterior, and more can be signs of a wasp infestation, particularly a nest. And, of course, there is always that tell-tale buzzing you may hear, as well as a faint tapping sound on the wood.

What To Do If Wasps Attack

If you do encounter a wasp nest or hive, don’t panic and keep calm. Avoid the place entirely while you call up a wasp removal service – hopefully ours, Bee Man Dan. There are several types of wasps out there, but by far the most angry and territorial are social wasps. If you accidentally provoke them, that alone can make you a quick and easy target.

If so, then don’t stand there but run. Protect your face as much as possible and seek shelter. You should also avoid seeking refuge through bodies of water; the swarm will only hover over the water until you emerge.

Above all, once you are safe, call a wasp removal service. Bee Man Dan will come in and remove the wasps safely and effectively.

How To Prevent Wasps From Nesting

For tips on how to prevent wasps from nesting in the first place, we can help you out. Wasps are attracted to bright colors, perfume, and sweet, sticky foods – which make picnics the ultimate temptation for wasps. Trash cans can also prove a feasting ground, so make sure you secure your lids well and firmly, as well as your own food and drink.

In addition, you may wish to grow plants that have been proven to ward off wasps. Wasps especially dislike geraniums, eucalyptus, lemongrass, penny royal, thyme, spearmint, and wormwood. These will all look great in your garden and, best of all, will help keep wasps from making a home in your backyard.

wasp nest removal Katy, TX

Bee Man Dan makes wasp nests a thing of the past when you call us today! Our wasp nest removal Katy, TX, service is the best around!

Call Bee Man Dan Today To Remove Your Wasps!

It can be scary to be faced with large groups of wasps that can attack you at the slightest provocation. And if you have children or pets, you will wish to protect them from the harm wasps can do. Unfortunately, simply removing the nest will not make the wasp problem go away – on the contrary, the wasps will simply rebuild in the same location, and this time they will be more inclined to let their stingers do the talking.

While other wasp nest removal services may use harmful pesticides, Bee Man Dan ensures that removing wasps from your domicile will be a safe and environmentally-free process. Our methods are not only save but far more affordable than simple extermination.

We not only remove the nest but also sterilize the location, killing off any remaining pheromones the wasps may emit. Moreover, we can also sterilize any common nesting ground to prevent those same wasps from building their nests there in the future.

In addition, we remove bee nests from your residential areas. Bees are not as territorial or aggressive as wasps, but they can still cause significant damage. So be sure to call us today to get effective wasp nest removal Katy, TX services.

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • It is located at the tripoint of Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend Counties.
  • The first mayor of Katy was C. L. Baird.
  • Katy was once a wide-open prairie known as Cane Island.
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