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Should You Worry About Wasp Nests? | Katy, TX

It’s pretty unsettling to find wasp nests Katy, TX on your property, especially if you see many of them. An abundance of nests is a telltale sign of a wasp infestation, which is never welcome news. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this threat by yourself.

Bee Man Dan is available to visit your home or other property, perform a thorough inspection, and find the source of your infestation. He will then carefully remove and destroy all wasp nests, and for good measure, he’ll remove all traces of pheromones left behind from the infestation. This ensures that new wasps don’t attempt to build a home in the same spot or absent colony members try to rebuild their ruined domain upon their return.

Call today to schedule an appointment with Bee Man Dan at Wasp Nest Removal Services. He will happily travel to Katy residents or the homes of anyone in the Greater Houston area. His invaluable wasp removal services will rid your backyard of pests in no time.

Plus, his removal process doesn’t involve dangerous chemicals or harmful pesticides. Bee Man Dan will keep your family safe and get rid of your wasp problem at the same time.

wasp nests Katy, TX

Don’t mess with wasp nests Katy, TX. Let a professional handle the situation.

Spotting Wasp Nests Katy, TX

A single nest isn’t always a sign of an infestation. However, there may be more nests that you cannot see upon first inspection of your property. Some wasps are known to build their homes underground, like yellowjackets. Hornets often build large nests aboveground that resemble footballs.

Paper wasps have umbrella-shaped dwellings lined with hexagonal cells. Mud daubers (dirt daubers) build 3 to 4-inch long tubes that house one wasp. These might seem small, but don’t underestimate a nest because of its size.

It’s normal to be wary of a hornet nest since they can grow so large, sometimes up to the size of a basketball, but paper wasp nests can still be dangerous. Those tiny paper umbrellas can fit about 20 to 30 insects, which is probably more than you’d like to deal with.

Despite having only one wasp inside, it’s better not to touch a dirt dauber’s nest, either. You also can’t be sure how many other dauber nests are in the area, and the same goes for paper wasps. Their colonies might be a lot larger than they appear. Knowing just how significant a threat is may spur you into action much sooner.

Get to Know Your Unfriendly Neighbors

Arming yourself with knowledge about your surroundings is always a good idea. The more familiar you are with your property’s layout and its insect inhabitants, the easier it will be to decide whether you need to contact pest control services.

That’s why you should learn about the wasps that you are most likely to spot outside. Knowing what species of wasp is hanging around your yard can help you determine potential locations for wasp nests. Texas has several common wasp species that populate the state, so you should familiarize yourself with at least a few.

wasp nests Katy, TX

Paper wasps are a common threat to Texans. Consult a professional to remove these wasp nests Katy, TX.

The Paper Wasp

For example, the most common wasp species you’ll find here is the paper wasp. Their bodies are black or brown and have yellow and orange markings. They sport incredibly narrow waists and long, thin legs that appear to dangle below their body.

Paper wasps tend to make their nests in sheltered areas such as underneath eaves, decks, porches, and even inside attics. You may also spot these wasp nests Katy, TX along window frames, on playground equipment, or attached to branches. They have a recognizable umbrella shape full of hexagonal cells.

The diet of a paper wasp is a mix of both sugary snacks and insect meat. Their carnivorous young are fed diets of pre-chewed caterpillars, flies, and beetle larvae. This makes paper wasps particularly beneficial to gardeners, whose plants may otherwise be eaten by pesky caterpillars. Adult paper wasps typically feast on nectar or juices from ripe fruits.

Should They Stay, or Should They Go?

Because paper wasps can help control wild caterpillar populations that would otherwise decimate your garden, it raises the question: should the wasps be left alone, or should they be removed? Some people might think the obvious answer is to get rid of them immediately. Stings are an unwelcome prospect, and if anyone in your family is allergic, there’s no sense taking such a massive risk.

However, if their nests aren’t located in high-traffic areas of your garden or yard, you can consider leaving them be. They are incredibly territorial, so leaving a bunch of paper wasp nests in the center of your garden probably doesn’t sound appealing. Lesser-used areas of the yard, like behind a shed or against the back of the house, might be less threatening positions for their homes.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether these bugs need to be evicted or if they can earn their keep by protecting your plants. If you’re not afraid of a few stings, go for it! Keep in mind, however, that paper wasps are social creatures, meaning that attacking one will incur the wrath of all the others.

Whenever a wasp feels threatened, it releases a unique pheromone that alerts other colony members to danger. You’ll have to figure out whether it’s worth risking an angry swarm descending upon you to save your precious tomato plants.

Also, remember that wasps can sting you multiple times because, unlike bees, they don’t lose their stinger after an attack. Additionally, studies have shown that several stings in a short period can be extremely dangerous, so take heed of your flying neighbors. If you happen to upset them, run for indoor shelter immediately, and don’t look back!

wasp nests Katy, TX

Bee Man Dan can end the wasps’ reign of terror in your backyard. Call today for his wasp and bee removal services!

Buzzing Be Gone

No matter what kind of wasps you have in your backyard, there’s a solution to your problem. Bee Man Dan is your go-to guy for any wasp or bee infestation. Call today so he can start removing the wasp nests Katy, TX from your home.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX:

  • Katy’s previous name was “Cane Island.”
  • This name came from an abundance of cane along Buffalo Bayou.
  • Interestingly enough, cane is not even native to the area.

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