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Beware of Wasp Nests And Hire Us Today | Sugar Land, TX

wasp nests Sugar Land, TX

Bee Man Dan ensures the safety of you and the wasps by removing wasp nests Sugar Land, TX. He will also make sure they never come back to your home!

Wasp nests Sugar Land, TX present a dangerous hazard for your home. If you do see a wasp nest around, then contact Wasp Nest Removal Services immediately. Wasp removal can prove tricky, difficult, and of course dangerous for those not trained in wasp and bee removal, so allow our professional team to handle the grease work for you.

Bee Man Dan is a pest control company can works wonders in protecting your home from bee and wasp infestation. We have experience with all kinds of stinging insects and can help you by removing the hive safely from your residential area. Wasp stings in particular are no joke, and you don’t want to find out you or any of your loved ones are allergic to wasp stings the hard way.

Bee Man Dan is committed to employing only the safest and most effective methods for wasp removal. While other extermination services use pesticides with harmful chemicals, we eschew any kind of extermination whatsoever. Wasps and bees play an important part in our ecosystem; the goal isn’t their demise, but their removal.

So let us wasp and bee-proof your home and surrounding areas. Call our team today or visit our Katy office location. We have served local communities all around Sugar Land, TX and other areas. You can rest assured that we can remove your wasp nests Sugar Land, TX safely.

Let Us Safely Remove Your Wasp Nests Sugar Land, TX

Wasps are particularly predatory creatures, especially compared to bees. They are much more aggressive and territorial, and their stings are more dangerous than bee stings. They have slender, smooth bodies with hairless legs and five eyes. There are essentially two kinds of wasps, solitary and social wasps, with social wasps being more aggressive.

Solitary wasps include spider wasps and potter or mason wasps. Spider wasps build nests in rotten wood or rock crevices – as the name suggests, they feed on spiders. Potter wasps are also called mud daubers because they build their nests in the mud, in the shape of a vase or jug. Solitary wasps build nests independently of each other.

Social wasps, on the other hand, build nests together, travel in posses, and are highly territorial. These include yellow jackets, hornets, and paper wasps. Yellow jackets are difficult to detect, often nesting underground, while hornets or bald face hornets build large nests aboveground in the shape of a football. And paper wasps, per their name, build paper-like nests for their colony and queen to live in, usually attached to tree hollows or home eaves.

Both types of wasps can be difficult to get rid of. If you do find yourself confronted with an angry swarm of wasps, don’t stand still, but run. Standing still will only make you an easier target for their stings. Protect your face as much as possible and run to the nearest shelter, making sure the wasps can’t get in.

Once you are safe, call our professional wasp nest removers today. Bee Man Dan’s team can come in and remove your wasps safely and carefully.

wasp nests Sugar Land, TX

Leave the wasp removal to a trained professional to get the best results.

How To Prevent Wasps From Nesting

What keeps wasps from returning and nesting at a specific location? Well, for starters, wasps are attracted to bright colors and perfumes, as well as sweet and sticky food and drinks. That’s why picnics are often the gathering places for wasps.

In addition, wasps are attracted to trash so it is recommended that you seal your trash cans tightly; these can prove the feasting grounds for wasps. Moreover, certain plants can ward off wasps; consider growing some such as:

  • Germaniums
  • Penny royal
  • Lemongrass
  • Thyme
  • Spearmint
  • Wormwood
  • Eucalyptus

These can look great in any garden and will naturally ward off wasps without your having to go to extremes to kill off wasps.

Ways To Know You May Have a Wasp Infestation

If you are not sure that what you’re facing is indeed a wasp infestation, there are signs to watch out for. Usually a hive of wasps will be audible, so chances are you’d hear buzzing or any tapping sounds before seeing the hives.

Another sign is if you’ve been experiencing any unexpected and mysterious wood damage around your home. If you have found holes in trees, fences, firewood, and other places in your home, that could be the result of a wasp nest.

And of course, if you see a wasp nest or hive, that is indeed a clear sign that you have wasps. Once again, don’t provoke them and simply call Bee Man Dan to take care of the problem.

wasp nests Sugar Land, TX

Bees are good for more than just honey. Bee Man Dan can educate you about these buzzing buddies!

Bee Man Dan Can Remove Your Wasp Nests

Bee Man Dan provides both wasp and bee removal services for our local communities. No matter how severe your wasp infestation is, we can help you keep your home safe with their removal. And of course, we can prevent the wasps from ever building a nest elsewhere in your home.

Wasps emit pheromones that keep them together and attached to their hive location. That’s why oftentimes simply removing the hive won’t help. The wasps will always return to the location and rebuild their nest there. To prevent this, we sterilize any remaining pheromones so that the wasps will not be able to return and rebuild their nests.

We also do the same for any bee hives you have around. Bees are not as predatory nor as dangerous as wasps, but they can still cause damage. Like wasps, bees can also nest in rotten wood and other places. Our bee removal services will ensure that the bees will be able to find a new place elsewhere.

Our safe, affordable, and natural methods can and will protect your home. So call Bee Man Dan today; our team can remove any wasp nests Sugar Land, TX you may have in your vicinity.

Fun Facts About Sugar Land, TX:

  • Before it was incorporated in 1959, it was a company town.
  • Due to the swampy working conditions for convicts, it earned the nickname “Hellhole on the Brazos.”
  • Sugar Land was founded as a sugar plantation.
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