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Safe And Effective Wasp Removal Near Me Is Here | Katy TX

Help bees and wasps find another home with safe and effective wasp removal near me Katy, TX, courtesy of Bee Man Dan. Call today to schedule an appointment, and let Wasp Nest Removal Services rid your home of these unwanted guests.

wasp removal near me Katy, TX

Bee Man Dan has the plan for wasp removal near me Katy, TX.

Signs Of Wasp Infestation

To the untrained eye, winged insects that look like bees are just that: bees. But while actual bees are relatively tame if left undisturbed and provide a range of benefits for the environment, their not-so-distant relative, the wasp, poses a much greater threat to our well-being. The most common types of wasps found in Texas include Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Cicada Killers, Mud Daubers, Mexican Honey Wasps, and Sweat Bees, though the ones you’re most likely familiar with are the Yellow Jacket and Mud Dauber.

In most cases, you may run into one of two types of wasps: solitary and social. While a solitary wasp may be easy to deal with, garnering a sting in return if you’re unfortunate when swatting it away, social wasps typically travel in groups and swatting away one of them can lead to the entire group ganging up on you.

If you’ve begun noticing a steady hum drifting in the air or an abundance of wasps around your home or business, all you’ll have to do is follow their flight path to locate the nest. There are four signs in particular that indicate a wasp infestation:

  • Damage to the wood around your property.
  • Frequent occurrences of wasp sightings around the area.
  • A steady buzzing sound.
  • Discovering the wasp nest itself.

Even before you spot the wasps themselves, you may notice damage to wood such as holes in it. That’s because some wasps – like Paper Wasps – use chewed wood to build their nests, which creates their papery appearance. However, when it comes to Mud Daubers, their building material of choice is right there in the name. These nests are often found under the eaves of a home or in the outer door frame.

While those are easy to spot and avoid until they’re removed, you’re less likely to spot a Yellow Jacket nest until it’s too late. These nests are often built underground, using abandoned holes left behind by critters like gophers. They can also be found in other enclosed spaces such as wood piles, dense vegetation, and utility sheds. Because they’re concealed, it’s easy to stumble across them without realizing it and anger the inhabitants.

As time goes on, wasp nests can grow to a considerable size, posing a danger to you or those you care about if you fall on the wrong side of a wasp encounter.

wasp removal near me Katy, TX

Don’t learn the hard way. Get those wasps removed today.

The Danger Of Wasp Stings

Much like any wild animal, wasps don’t pose much of a threat if they’re left undisturbed. However, if they’re agitated, wasps will attack and sting repeatedly. While they’re not known to carry any diseases, wasp stings are incredibly painful and cause swelling and minor discomfort which can be treated at home. That said, in some extreme cases, they can cause allergic reactions in people that can turn fatal.

While there are at-home methods that can remove a wasp nest from spending any more time developing on your property, removing the nest yourself can be a dangerous procedure. Furthermore, getting rid of a wasp nest on your own may not entirely prevent more wasps from building their own home in the future, as the remaining wasps could just rebuild the nest in the same location or pheromones could be left behind, indicating to other wasps this is a suitable place to build a nest of their own.

For safe and effective wasp removal near me Katy, TX, that can help to prevent an incident from occurring, call in the services of the pest control experts at Wasp Nest Removal Services.

The Solution For Wasp Removal Near Me Katy, TX

When you enlist our pest control services, we’ll be able to prevent any wasp attacks from happening by efficiently, effectively, and most of all, safely removing the wasp nest that has egregiously moved in on your property. Unlike other wasp exterminators, our company humanely removes wasp nests using a unique set of techniques and specialized equipment that doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides that can adversely affect the environment.

As mentioned, removing a wasp nest on your own may not prevent another nest from taking its place. To ensure this doesn’t occur, we’ll sterilize any pheromones that have been left behind once the nest has been safely removed. This will help to prevent more wasps from building a new nest in its place or any remaining wasps from returning.

Additionally, we can treat any other potential nesting grounds to ensure another wasp infestation doesn’t crop up. Our wasp removal experts can also share some helpful tips you can take to prevent another infestation from developing. If you’ve noticed the signs of a possible infestation and don’t want to take any chances, bring in the wasp control experts at Wasp Nest Removal Services today.

wasp removal near me Katy, TX

Call Bee Man Dan for all of your wasp and bee removal needs.

Give Us A Buzz

In addition to wasp nest removals, we also specialize in safe and humane bee hive removal. While it’s not uncommon to see a handful of bees zipping around your property on any given day, especially if the things they’re attracted to like flowers are present, an overabundance could be a sign that an infestation is brewing. Whether you’re looking to have wasps or bees removed, Wasp Nest Removal Services is here for immediate assistance.

We’re a veteran-owned and operated business conveniently located in Houston and offer our services in the city and the surrounding communities, including the Katy area. When you call in Bee Man Dan, you’re not only getting fast and effective removal of your unwanted guests, but you’re also getting a company that takes the time and effort to ensure every precaution is taken prior to the removal.

Bee Man Dan, the owner of Wasp Nest Removal Services, will take the time to understand your situation and the most effective way to remove the bees or wasps without harming them in the process.

We also offer bee-keeping lessons and have honey and beeswax products available. If you’re ready to take action and give these buzzy guests the boot, call Bee Man Dan today for immediate wasp removal near me Katy, TX.

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • Katy is known to be a hotspot for UFO sightings.
  • Katy was originally called Cane Island, named after Cane Island Creek.
  • Katy is the hub of the Fort Bend, Harris, and Waller Counties.
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