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Safe Wasps Nest Removal Services | The Woodlands, TX

Seeking wasps nest removal The Woodlands, TX services? Contact Wasp Nest Removal Services today! Many pest control services out there use harmful chemicals and pesticides to remove the critters. But extermination is oftentimes not the answer.

Wasp Nest Removal Services is the pest control company you can trust to remove bees and wasp nests safely without presenting a health hazard to you and your family.

wasps nest removal The Woodlands, TX

Keep your property safe from bees and wasps today! Our wasps nest removal services will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard once more.

By trusting Bee Man Dan today, you can enjoy a wasp and bee-free home in no time at all. We have many years of experience in wasp removal and so can help make your domicile safe once more.

Our wasp control services are top-notch, so call today or visit our Katy office! You can also contact us via our email. Our team is ready and eager to ensure your backyard and other areas in your home are critter-free.

We have many years of experience serving the Greater Houston area, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for wasps nest removal The Woodlands, TX services.

Trust Our Wasps Nest Removal The Woodlands, TX Services

There are many areas around your home and backyard that could be just right for wasps to nestle in. Wasps are attracted to rotten wood, to sweet, sticky food, bright colors, perfumes, and trash. Wasps have slender, smooth bodies with nigh hairless legs. Their stingers are smooth, but can potentially be deadly, especially if you are allergic to them.

Wasps can nest in walls, floors, and chimneys. There are two kinds of wasps: Solitary and social wasps. Solitary wasps, as their name suggests, range alone, building their nests in the ground, wood, and plant stems.

Some examples of solitary wasps include potter or mason wasps, also called mud daubers, which build their nests in the mud, usually in the shape of a vase or jug. Another type of solitary wasp is spider wasps, which lay nests in rotten wood or rock crevices. As their name suggests, they feed on spiders.

But while solitary wasps will only give you a sharp, be-wary-of-me solitary sting, social wasps are much more concerning. They are highly territorial, moving in posses and becoming angry very quickly, especially if you swat at them. Examples of social wasps include yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets.

Yellow jackets often nest underground, making them very difficult to detect; these post the most problems for residential areas. Paper wasps, often brownish-red with yellow markers, build paper-like nests for the colony and the queen to live in. These are attached to tree hollows or home eaves. Lastly, hornets or bald face hornets build large, football-shaped nests aboveground.

wasps nest removal The Woodlands, TX

Bee Man Dan makes wasp nests a thing of the past when you call! Our wasps nest removal The Woodlands, TX services can turn your backyard around for good.

How To Prevent Wasps From Gathering

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep these pests from building their nests and outstaying their welcome. If you are having a picnic, make sure to cover up your food and drinks, as wasps had been known to crawl inside drinks.

Moreover, you should seal your trash cans, as these can be a feasting ground for wasps. Once again, avoid bright colors and perfumes, as these can attract wasps.

For a more permanent solution, however, we recommend growing plants that can ward off wasps. Some examples include eucalyptus, geraniums, penny royal, wormwood, spearmint, thyme, and lemongrass. These will brighten up your garden, as well as ensure wasps stay away for good.

Tips To Deal With A Wasp Infestation

If however, it’s too late and your home is already suffering from the stings and scorns of these flying critters, simply stay calm. Avoid the hives and nests as much as you can, as well as agitating the wasps. If you do, then you could be facing an angry swarm ready to chase you off and sting you for good measure.

Should that occur, run. Standing still will only allow the wasps to get at you. Protect your face and seek shelter immediately; once you’re safe, don’t let the wasps in. If you are thinking of fleeing the wasps through water, the swarm will only however above the water, waiting until you emerge (they are quite smart that way).

Above all, once you’re safe, call a wasp nest removal service today. Bee Man Dan will be able to remove the wasps safely and ensure they don’t come back.

wasps nest removal The Woodlands, TX

Bee Man Dan uses safe methods for the environment and for your health. If you are dealing with a wasp infestation, call Bee Man Dan so he can get rid of those wasps for you!

Contact Bee Man Dan Today For Excellent Wasps Nest Removal Services

The presence of wasps in your home can present a health hazard that you will wish to avoid. To protect your friends and family from devastation, call our team today to get started. We have years of experience with wasps nest removal and can ensure your home is safe and wasp-free once more.

Unlike other companies, we do not practice extermination nor use harmful pesticides to get rid of your wasps. Wasps and most especially bees still perform an important function in nature’s ecosystem, and getting rid of them will only lead to problems later on.

Instead of extermination, what we do is we remove the nest first safely. Then we sterilize any remaining pheromones the wasps emit to attract each other and keep together. This will prevent the wasps from rebuilding or coming back to the location at all.

We offer bee removal services as well. Bees are not as much a problem as wasps, but they can still damage your property and present a health issue. Bees can come in through the windows, doors, and wall cracks; like wasps, they can also congregate in rotten wood structures.

So don’t wait until your home is suffering a wasp invasion. Contact Bee Man Dan today for safe and effective wasps nest removal The Woodlands, TX services.

Fun Facts About The Woodlands, TX:

  • McCullough High School was the first school to open in The Woodlands.
  • The Woodlands are comprised of nine villages.
  • It was first started by George Mitchell in 1974.
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