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Wasp Nest Removal Services knows the best way to get rid of bees Houston, TX and wasps completely and safely. If you need help, you should schedule an appointment with Bee Man Dan. To ensure that people’s homes were free of dangerous wasps and bees, he founded Wasp Nest Removal Services and has been serving the community for over a decade at a fair price.

get rid of bees Houston, TX

Bee Man Dan knows how to get rid of bees Houston, TX, the right way.

Not many exterminators have the years of experience that Bee Man Dan does when dealing with flying and stinging insects. Pesticides are typically used by the few companies that do deal with bees and wasps, which is unwise and unsafe. If you want to get rid of bees or wasps on your property and not worry about them returning, you’ll need our company.

Get Rid of Bees Houston, TX

Despite their beneficial roles in the environment, having a swarm of bees descend upon your home or place of business can be unsettling. Take immediate and effective action if you suspect you have a bee infestation on your property. Suppose you want to avoid disturbing the local ecosystem. In that case, hiring a professional bee hive removal expert who uses humane methods, like Bee Man Dan from Wasp Nest Removal Services is best.

Bees are generally peaceful creatures that spend most of their time foraging for food for the hive. However, problems can arise if bees build nests in or near people’s homes. You may have an infestation of bees on your property if you notice any of these signs:

  • An unusually high concentration of bees in your home’s or garden’s immediate vicinity, especially near eaves, chimneys, and tree branches.
  • When many bees are seen flying in a whirling formation, it may be because a hive is nearby.
  • If the buzzing noise always comes from the same place, it may be a bee hive.
  • When honeycomb structures are discovered in unusual places like walls, attics, or crawl spaces, it is a sure sign that bees have established a colony there.

Wasp Nest Removal Services should be contacted immediately if these symptoms are recognized. We will get rid of bees Houston, TX and their hive humanely and ensure the bees don’t come back.

Trained beekeepers working for our company can swiftly and safely exterminate any bees from your property. Bee Man Dan is familiar with every safe strategy for warding off these insects. We guarantee that no mistakes will be made if you hire us to eliminate bees.

get rid of bees Houston, TX

Not only do we get rid of bees, but we also offer wasp removal services.

Get Rid of Wasps

Our business doesn’t just get rid of bees for clients. We are also fully capable of dealing with the more aggressive pest: the wasp. Wasps can be categorized as either solitary or social. Dealing with a solitary wasp might only result in one sting, as the name suggests.

However, social wasps are extremely dangerous to encounter. They work as a cohesive unit, so dealing with just one is tantamount to fighting them all. Compared to bees, wasps pose a greater risk to humans because they can sting multiple times when attacking their prey. If there is a wasp infestation on your property, you must deal with it immediately.

The following are signs of a wasp infestation:

  • Near possible nesting spots like your attic, shed, or trees, if you see an increase in wasp activity on your property, you have a problem.
  • The presence of papery wasp nests, which can be found in various sizes and locations, is a telltale sign of a wasp infestation. They have underground burrows but live in tree branches and walls, so keep an eye out for nests in those areas.
  • Aggressive wasps are another telltale sign of a nearby nest. They may hover in close proximity to people or repeatedly dive-bomb them.
  • When multiple people have been getting stung repeatedly, it’s likely that there’s a wasp nest nearby.

Call our company for wasp removal services to keep your home safe from the threat of social wasps and even solitary wasps.

We Practice Humane Removal

Humans are in danger when surrounded by bees and wasps, but injuries can be avoided by learning more about these insects and how they behave. Honey bees are essential for pollination, and they only sting in self-defense. However, some people have severe allergies to bee stings and can die from even a single sting.

get rid of bees Houston, TX

We sell honey and beeswax products.

However, due to their aggressive nature and potential danger, wasp stings can cause severe pain, allergic reactions, and even anaphylaxis in rare cases. The delicate ecological balance can be disrupted, and an already endangered species is put at risk if bees and wasps are killed or eradicated without good cause.

Services that safely and humanely get rid of bees and wasps from a property are referred to as “humane.”  The professionals of Wasp Nest Removal Services have the necessary expertise, gear, and training to safely relocate hives. By using techniques like trapping and releasing, relocating, and non-toxic repellents, you can count on our services being both humane and environmentally friendly.

Let Us Help You!

Because of the vital role that bees and wasps play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, Wasp Nest Removal Services does not operate like a traditional exterminator. You can rest assured that we won’t cause any harm to the insects we eliminate.

Don’t hesitate to give Bee Man Dan a ring if you ever have a problem with wasps or bees. All of Greater Houston is included in our service area. If you own a home or business in Houston and notice signs of a bee or wasp infestation, don’t wait to call for our extermination services.

Because of our extensive background in the field, we are able to offer the most effective services for eliminating bees and wasps. Feel free to call us or book our wasp and bee removal services online if you’re in need.

Wasp Nest Removal Services provides more than just humane removal of wasp and bee nests from the area around your home. If you have any questions about the authorized vendors we work with, please give us a call. Let them know we sent you if you decide to use their services. In addition, we provide customers with 100% natural honey and beeswax items.

You will be completely satisfied with the work performed by our firm. Make us your first call if you need to get rid of bees Houston, TX or wasps.

Fun Facts about Houston, Texas:

    • Houston is named after Sam Houston.
    • There are over 150 museums in Houston.
    • From 1837 to 1839, Houston was Texas’ capital.
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