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The need for honeybee removal Houston, TX is more common than you think. Although honeybees are good for the environment and are becoming endangered due to the expansion of neighborhoods, they can still be pests if they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wasp Nest Removal Services can safely remove bee hives and relocate them where they’re safe and aren’t causing problems. Learn more today from our local expert, Bee Man Dan.

Honeybee Removal Houston, TX

Bee Man Dan can show you how honeybee removal is done correctly. No bee is fatally harmed in their relocation.

Growing up, everyone heard that honeybees are great for the environment. First and foremost, they’re natural pollinators and are the best workers come springtime. The colorful array of flowers that bloom in the spring wouldn’t be possible without the help of these little buggers. However, although they’re useful, they can still become pests.

Most people don’t think of honeybees when they hear the word “pests.” Most tend to think of common examples, such as rats, termites, ants, or roaches. And they’re usually right. So long as honeybees mind their own business and stay only in your yard, they’re not pests.

They become pests the moment they turn part of your property into their property. Although some people find them cute, it’s not cute when they make part of your attic into their base of honey operations.

Before their hive expands, their colony grows, and your attic or walls become honey-coated, it’s time to let the experts take matters into their own hands. Bee Man Dan is your local Houston expert who can safely remove your honeybee problem. The sooner we relocate them, the better it is for them and for you. Call Wasp Nest Removal Services today or schedule an appointment through our online portal.

The Honeybee Removal Houston, TX Process

The first step of any process is locating the problem. Obviously, in this case, the problem would be the source of the honeybees: the nest, hive, infestation, or whatever you want to call it. Most honeybees build their hives near wooden structures, whether it’s the tree out back or the wooden beams that hold up your home. Once you give Wasp Nest Removal Services a call, Bee Man Dan will assess the general location and extent of the bee hive.

If the bee hive is outside, in a tree, or in an easily accessible place, we’ll get started. However, if the bee hive is in your walls or in an awkward corner, be ready for some minor demolition work. Depending on how long these honeybees have stayed, they might’ve already done some of the work for us.

Honeybee Removal Houston, TX

Bees bee-gone! Call for honeybee removal Houston, TX from Wasp Nest Removal Services.

Once we get close to the nest, the bees will swarm to defend their home. First, we’ll remove the bees so we can actually see the nest. We use a modified tool to suck up the bees into a compartment to relocate them to a better location than your property. Although we won’t be able to grab all the bees on the first try, it’ll lessen the number of bees who might accidentally be hurt as we remove their hive.

Bee hives are tightly bound to the wall of whatever’s holding them up. Of course, there are also hanging hives, which are tightly stuck to the ceiling. Depending on the location, we might need to scrape them off to ensure everything is removed cleanly. Otherwise, there will be residue and remnants that might attract other pests or another bee colony.

Cleaning Up the Honeybee Removal Aftermath

Sometimes, the honeybee removal process is clean and simple. We remove the bees and their nest, and you can go back to how everything was before. However, sometimes, they leave noticeable traces on your property that need some extra work to return to normal. Larger hives, or ones that made your walls their home, can leave structural damage that you need another expert to help fix.

Wasp Nest Removal Services works with a couple of authorized businesses that can help you restore your roof, attic, or home to its original condition. For example, we’ll refer you to DeHart Roofing & Home Repair if you need any repairs done to the inside of your attic or walls because the bee hive moved around some partitions or walls within your home. We’ve also sent referrals to Natran Green Pest Control to help clients prevent bees from visiting the inside of their homes again.

Not to mention, like many types of bugs, honeybees use pheromones to communicate with each other. A hive has a large concentration of these pheromones. If we leave that alone, the leftovers can attract another colony to or near the spot because they’ll think that your home is a safe spot to create a nest. Part of our honeybee removal services also includes cleaning the area with a specific solution that will remove any traces of them.

Honeybee Removal Houston, TX

Our honeybee removal process is a safe process that doesn’t use chemicals that could harm the environment or bees.

It Just Do Bee Like This Sometimes

Q1. How can I tell if I need to call for honeybee removal services?
Bees, luckily, aren’t sly or sneaky like other house pests. You can usually hear or see the signs before the bee hive gets large enough to be a significant problem. Don’t think you can handle it yourself. You should call in the experts to remove them as soon as possible.

Q2. Are bees the same as wasps?
No, they aren’t on both a structural and scientific level. Although they look similar and build their nests in similar locations and methods, wasps aren’t pollinators and don’t create honey. Bees are beneficial for the environment, and wasps are predators. Wasp Nest Removal Services can also remove wasp nests, so you can also call us if you notice one on the premises.

Bee Bee-gone! Call Bee Man Dan

You can ignore most bees until they invade your space. Once they invade your personal area, they become pests.

Bee Man Dan from Wasp Nest Removal Services is your local expert who can make it happen. He has helped clients throughout Houston safely remove bees. Call our expert when you need honeybee removal services pronto.

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