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Effective Ways to Remove a Wasps Nest | Houston, TX

wasps nest Houston, TX

Occasionally, certain wasps are mistaken for bees, like the yellowjacket.

If you happen to find a wasps nest Houston, TX on your property, don’t assume the worst. If you’re lucky, it may be a solitary wasp, such as a spider wasp. Their nests tend to be located within pieces of rotten wood or tiny rock crevices where they can easily hunt spiders. A solitary dirt dauber in its small dirt tube is also little cause for concern (unless you’re allergic – then it’s always a concern!).

However, if you spot a large wasps nest Houston, TX full of social wasps, it may be time to consult a professional. Social wasps, like paper wasps and yellowjackets, travel in packs and tend to adopt a “ride or die” lifestyle – if you mess with one of them, you’ve messed with the entire colony.

The last thing you want is a social wasp to release its pheromones and alert its fellow colony members to attack you. Provoking their wrath never ends well, and your only option for escape is to book it as fast as possible to the nearest indoor location for shelter.

Consult an Expert Before Removing a Wasps Nest Houston, TX

You can avoid this potential nightmare scenario by calling Wasp Nest Removal Services as soon as you spot a threatening-looking nest. The large, football-shaped dwelling of bald-faced hornets or the umbrella-shaped homes of paper wasps are typically easy to spot, but others may not be as visible. If you start seeing more and more wasps of any species around your home, call an expert like Bee Man Dan to assess the situation correctly and locate any nests on your property.

Bee Man Dan uses ethical methods to remove bee hives and wasp nests from his clients’ homes. He avoids using harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals that can harm more than just the bugs you’re trying to banish. Let Bee Man Dan keep your family safe while driving away aggressive pests by contacting his Houston office today.

wasps nest Houston, TX

Some wasps nest Houston, TX locations are easy to spot. Others might be in harder-to-see areas, like underground.

Who’s in Your Yard?

Thousands of species of wasps call Texas home, but a few are more common in the South than others. One of the species you might spot is the bald-faced hornet. These insects are closely related to southern yellowjackets and have a similar temperament, aggressively attacking anything perceived as a threat.

Bald-faced hornets (scientific name: Dolichovespula maculata) are medium-sized wasps native to North America. They are black and white with white faces, hence their common name. They build large, football-shaped paper nests in trees and shrubs and are highly defensive of their colonies. As social wasps, they will quickly fly to the aid of any colony members that signal the presence of danger.

Like most wasp species, a bald-face hornet colony typically lives for one season. They favor late summer and early fall. The queen can survive the winter and make a new colony during the following season, but the remaining adults in the nest will die by the end of fall. A bald-faced hornet queen will build an entirely new nest when she starts the next colony, completely abandoning the old one.

Pros and Cons of Hosting Hornets

The bald-faced hornet is a predator of other insects, such as flies and caterpillars, and also scavenges for carrion. This makes them beneficial to gardeners, who may otherwise have to resort to insecticides to deter smaller pests that endanger their plants. However, the trade-off may not be worth it to some people. It might be a little less frightening to deal with an infestation of tiny caterpillars instead of a huge nest full of angry hornets!

The sting of the bald-faced hornet is painful but not usually dangerous to humans (unless you’re allergic). However, the venom can still be quite painful and cause symptoms for up to 24 hours after the initial sting, such as itching and swelling. The fact that a hornet can attack multiple times without losing its stinger is another reason to dread its presence.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether a wasp colony is worth keeping around for yard maintenance purposes. Still, we recommend against it if you’re even slightly allergic to a wasp’s sting. Your health is far more important than the condition of your prized heirloom tomatoes!

wasps nest Houston, TX

Bee Man Dan has experience taming wild bees and wasps.

What to Do After Spotting a Wasps Nest Houston, TX

If you find a large wasps nest on your property, it’s essential to act quickly. A wasp infestation is no trifling matter, and you’ll want to take steps to get rid of the nest as soon as possible.

Bee Man Dan has experience tackling wasp nest removal and restoring peace to backyards, which makes him an excellent choice for the job. His background as an avid beekeeper gives him the know-how to handle a delicate situation like nest removal.

Don’t Hire Exterminators!

At first thought, you might consider hiring an exterminator or other pest control service for your wasp problems, but you should be aware of the risks that come with his decision. For example, most exterminators use harmful chemicals and dangerous pesticides that can contaminate soil, water, and food supplies.

The pesticides can also kill other beneficial insects that help control pests like caterpillars. Even worse, they can also make you and your family sick, including your pets. It’s better to consult a service provider that doesn’t use harmful chemicals.

Additionally, wasps are more than just flying bullies. They’re actually pivotal to the environment. Not only do they feast on smaller pests, but they provide a food source to animals like birds and lizards.

They can also help pollinate plants, which is typically seen as a bee’s primary job. Still, you may not be keen on keeping them around, which is entirely understandable, especially if you’re allergic to their venom.

For proper wasp and bee control, you should call Bee Man Dan. His expert knowledge will allow him to safely remove any wasps nests from your property before the insects can completely overrun your home. Call Bee Man Dan today to discuss your options for removing a wasps nest Houston, TX.

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