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Solve Your Bug Problem with Wasp Removal | Sugar Land, TX

If you’ve recently made a bunch of new neighbors that fly and sting, you might need to contact someone for wasp removal Sugar Land, TX. Having one wasp hang around your yard is scary enough, but having an entire infestation on your hands can be downright terrifying!

Thankfully, you don’t need to be scared anymore – Bee Man Dan is here with Wasp Nest Removal Services. His work as a professional beekeeper stems from a love of studying bees and wasps, and his pest control expertise can save your skin if you find yourself facing a wasp invasion. Dan provides both wasp hive and bee hive removal services, and his methods ensure that your family will stay safe during the process.

Call today to schedule an appointment for Bee Man Dan’s wasp removal Sugar Land, TX services. He’ll safely and efficiently remove any wasp nests from your home without using dangerous pesticides or other harmful chemicals. His Houston office enables him to travel to areas as far as The Woodlands and Sugar Land.

wasp removal Sugar Land, TX

Wasps can help the environment, but they’re not friendly. Call Bee Man Dan for wasp removal Sugar Land, TX.

Meet Your New Neighbor – The Yellowjacket

Several wasps call Texas home, but the yellowjacket is one of the most common species of wasp that you’ll find outdoors. Their yellow and black coloring might fool you into thinking they’re skinny bees, but don’t fall for it. Their hairless appearance, vibrant colors, and inner waists should clue you into their true identity.

Yellowjackets fall into a category known as social wasps. These insects tend to live in colonies like honeybees and ants. One important detail about social wasps is their tendency to travel in groups. They support each other, especially when a threat is detected.

If a yellowjacket is attacked or in danger, it will release a unique pheromone that attracts its fellow colony members. This means that swatting at a single yellowjacket could lead to a hoard of them chasing you down, bent on revenge. They are very aggressive, so your only option to avoid being stung is to run as quickly as you can and seek shelter indoors.

A Growing Threat During the Fall Season

The threat of yellowjackets grows as the year passes by and the colony’s lifespan comes to an end. Yellowjackets will become much more hostile during the fall season, which signals their impending demise. Eventually, all the adult workers die, and only the queen remains, biding her time until she can give birth to new workers and start her colony anew.

Some areas of the United States stay at mild enough temperatures to allow a colony to continue for several seasons. Still, most tend to die out by the time winter approaches, lasting for roughly a year. Queen wasps that survive the winter will emerge in warmer months to build a new nest, lay more eggs, and expand their empire. The new workers spend their time feeding larvae, helping expand the nest, or protecting the growing colony.

Knowing how dangerous they can be, it’s easy to understand why you wouldn’t want them in or around your home. Finding a yellowjacket nest on your property can be more than a bit upsetting. They’re definitely not a species that you want to anger.

In addition to being generally very aggressive, yellowjackets are also highly territorial. They will enter your space, build a nest, and claim the spot as their own. The only thing you can do to solve the problem is to call a wasp removal Sugar Land, TX expert.

wasp removal Sugar Land, TX

Yellowjacket nests are similar to paper wasp nests.

Identifying a Yellowjacket Nest

Yellowjackets build nests that resemble those of paper wasps. They use chewed-up wood fiber for their homes, with the pulpy material’s texture resembling paper. Both yellowjackets and paper wasps create umbrella-shaped homes lined with hexagonal cells, but yellowjackets go the extra mile for protection.

They wrap an external barrier around multiple umbrella structures using more wood fiber, and this can increase the nest to the size of a basketball. These massive nests can house from 1,000 to 3,000 workers, and colonies that survive more than one season can end up hosting over 100,000 adult wasps.

The good news is that yellowjackets tend to stick close to home, often traveling no further than 1,000 feet away from their nest to forage for food. This means that, should you spot a yellowjacket, their home is most likely very close by. Knowing this will help wasp removal Sugar Land, TX experts like Bee Man Dan to pinpoint their nest’s location. Once he finds their home and gets an accurate idea of its true size, he can begin working on their removal.

wasp removal Sugar Land, TX

Leave the wasp removal Sugar Land, TX to a trained professional to get the best results.

Common Wasp Removal Sugar Land, TX Techniques

Bee Man Dan employs safe methods for eradicating wasps from your home. Though some accept the presence of wasps in their domain to take advantage of a wasp’s tendency to eat common garden pests, most homeowners probably don’t want a few thousand uninvited flying guests.

Their aggressive nature makes yellowjackets a difficult opponent, so it’s best to contact a professional like Bee Man Dan to safely remove the nests on your property. However, if you have no other options, you can employ a few techniques on your own if you’re bold enough to try them.

Spraying nests with soapy water or pouring the mixture into underground nests can kill a yellowjacket colony. Non-toxic wasp traps are available for purchase at stores, typically garden supply centers. Powdered insecticide is another option, though these can be toxic to more than just wasps and are not recommended.

When you call Bee Man Dan, he’ll remove any wasp nests he finds without using pesticides or other dangerous chemicals. This will ensure the safety of your family and any pets you might have. He’ll also rid the area of pheromones to prevent new wasps from building in the same place.

Call today to request help from Wasp Nest Removal Services. Bee Man Dan can help you with effective wasp removal Sugar Land, TX right away.

Fun Facts for Sugar Land, TX:

  • Sugar Land started as a sugar plantation during the 1800s.
  • It was officially incorporated in 1959.
  • Sugar Land is home to several master-planned communities.
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